When people go to bars or breweries in America and other parts of the world, they take for granted the amazing Canadian craft beers that are on display. Canada is known for almost half of the craft beers on the market today. Most of these craft beers have not only been voted best tasting, but they are also the cheapest and most healthy.

A great example of a great Canadian craft beer would be Nutcracker Porter. Nutcracker Porter is produced by Black Oak Brewery. What is great about this beer is the sweet taste of cinnamon in every gulp. At Canadian festivals, people are quick to get their hands on Nutcracker Porter. This beer is also amazing because it is standard to drink it while eating pudding. This makes Nutcracker Porter great for holidays, college parties, and more (WeeklyOpinion).


Perhaps people also take for granted freestyle beers that come out of Canada. The most known brewery for freestyle craft beers is Steamworks. Eli Gershkovitch is the founder of Steamworks. After hiring dozens of world-leading engineers to create steampipes that could be used to brew craft beer, Eli Gershkovitch wanted to master the art of freestyle craft beer. Every month, Eli Gershkovitch has a specific beer that is geared towards that specific month. Eli Gershkovitch does the same thing for all four seasons of the year. Eli Gershkovitch is one of the only brew masters that is making his freestyle craft beers a permanent selection. This is because customers constantly ask for freestyle beers from Steamworks. These are not just customers from Canada, but there are customers from every part of the globe craving freestyle craft beers from Steamworks.

On the Steamworks website, Eli Gershkovitch has listed several freestyle beers that will no be available year-round. In addition to the freestyle craft beers available year-round, Eli Gershkovitch will continue producing new freestyle beers each month.

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