Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor practicing in the United States. Dr. McKenna is also an MBA holder. Dr. McKenna is licensed by the Florida and Georgia state boards of Medical Examiners. Dr. McKenna is a dedicated community servant and passionate advocate. Dr. McKenna is a New Orleans-based medical doctor who attended the Tulane Medical School. When Dr. McKenna completed his education from the Tulane University, he went on to work with his father as an investment agent at the McKenna Venture Investment Company. This is one of the largest boutique real estate development bank based in New Orleans.

For the past few years, Dr. McKenna has instituted his business to acquire and launch new real estate and mortgage companies in the uptown scale for more than 50 employees with finance. Design-scale, and the real estate closing companies. In 2005, the city was destroyed by the Hurricane Katrina. During that incident, the city was actively built to assimilate the best in the industry. Dr. McKenna also used his companies to actively re-build the city to the accredited capability. Dr. McKenna also used the low-moderate income housing technique to win many clients in the region. Perhaps this is the reason why he was a successful entity in the business world.

In 2007, Dr. McKenna relocated to Atlanta where he launched a series of startup companies to the level of multi-million corporations before selling them back to the community. Dr. McKenna also founded the ShepMed Company that acts as the best wellness and aesthetic medical company in the region. While its adoption was on a slow scale, he quickly made it through a series of competitive capabilities. Dr. McKenna also served as the National Director of Medicine for the Atlanta-based Life Fitness Company. In 2017, Dr. McKenna became the Founder and CEO of the OVME Company. This is one of the largest consumer financing, medical aesthetic, and technology-enabled company that works towards reinventing the United States medical structure over the years. Dr. McKenna is also a husband to Gianine McKenna. His family has two daughters including the two-year-old Milana Ellie and the four-year-old Ryder McKenna.

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