Bob Reina is a highly skilled businessman who has built a video marketing and direct selling company, Talk Fusion. When Reina started this company, he was interested in helping small to midsized businesses use video emails to market their products and retain more customers. But now he’s interested in changing lives through helping charities with Talk Fusion’s products. Reina is now allowing Talk Fusion associates to donate a completely paid for Talk Fusion products account to a non-profit or charity group who can then use the products to promote their cause. These groups are important to Bob Reina who is a member himself of several humane societies and animal shelters in the Tampa, FL area.


Bob Reina started Talk Fusion about 9 years ago when he came up with a unique idea for videos that could be sent as emails. Reina had quit his former job as a police officer and was trying different multilevel marketing jobs, and while he was on a personal trip he wanted to send videos through an email channel but could not do it because the files were too large. So a friend of his who was a programmer helped him build a program for converting videos into emails, and Reina decided to start his own business selling that product. That Business became Talk Fusion.


Since then, Talk Fusion has added videoconferencing software, signup forms, video newsletters, and chat software which includes a WebRTC recorder for recording videos straight from a webcam into email format. The WebRTC recorder even won a Product of the Year award from the Technology Media Corporation. Bob Reina decided to add free trials to the products so customers have a chance to test drive the programs before buying. For 30 days they can access the software using just an email address without a credit card.