Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the 11th U.S. Secretary of Education on February 7, 2017. She was nominated by the President, Donald J. Trump. Mrs. DeVos has had her hand in the education policy for decades. She is passionate about the education reforms that help underprivileged kids gain the same access to quality education as other peers.

Betsy DeVos interest in education reform started at an early age. Her mother was a school teacher and it wasn’t until Betsy had children of her own; that became school aged children that the realization of equality education was not granted to all children. She worked with local officials and then her campaign to help all children nationally spread. She fought beside work leaders to increase the opportunities in education for parents and students.

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For almost two decades, Betsy DeVos served as an advocate for children at risk in the Grand Rapids Public Schools. Mrs. DeVos stated that her experience and interactions with the families and students changed her view on education forever. She is the leader in the movement to empower the community and supports new opportunities in educational choices in over 25 states, including the District of Columbia.

Since her position as Secretary of Education was set in motion, she will work closely with the President to further advance the equality of education for every student. Her belief is that the child’s background should not interfere with the type of education they deserve. In her position, she wants to shift the control of education and give it back to the locals and states so that parents can have a say in the type of education their child receives.

Betsy DeVos background is extensive. She served at The Windquest Group as a chairman. The Windquest Group is an investment firm. Betsy has served on several boards on the local and national charitable organizations and civic organizations. A few of these organizations are the Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church, Kendall College of Art and Design, and the Performing Arts Kennedy Center. She graduated from Calvin College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Michigan. She married Dick DeVos, an entrepreneur, activist in the community and philanthropist. Check this article from New York Post.