How Dr. Mark Holterman is Contributing to the Fight Against Type 2 Diabetes in the U.S.

In reference to an article posted on Dr. Holterman’s blog, ADA recently announced an initiative to address the rising cases of type 2 diabetes in kids and teens. The organization developed an initiative known as Camp PowerUp that emancipates the youth on the healthy foods to consume. ADA conceptualized camp PowerUp in partnership with the […]

Empowering Women’s Athletic/Leisure Wear by Fabletics

Fabletics understands that their customers want transparent and honest marketing. Shoppers are no longer influenced to buy solely on gimmick advertising. This fashion-forward athletic company knows that if they can utilize the crowd’s opinion in their marketing strategies, they can increase the chances of dramatically boosting their sales. Fabletics utilizes crowd leverage to entice customers […]

George Soros And The Open Society Foundations Goal

No one has more influence in getting global “back seat” issues into the mainstream than George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. He has founded and developed a network of organizations, created partner relationships, and projects that assist minority causes in over 100 countries. The type of projects includes assistance to marginal groups of people […]

Beneful Makes the Best Dog Foods

When you own a dog, you are probably trying different kinds of dog foods. Now, you don’t have to look any further because you will want to get the Beneful line of dog foods after you watch their commercials. The dogs are so healthy, and they are happy eating the foods. They are energetic and […]

Philanthropy and Advocacy: A case of George Soros

The name George Soros has almost become synonymous with philanthropy in the area of justice and equality around the globe. Some quarters have estimated that Soros has donated over ten billion dollars to individuals and organizations involved in human rights, civil and migrant rights. His funding has been instrumental in advocating for change in governments […]

The Art Of Greatness: Fighting For The People

Many of the benefits that employees enjoy in the United States today are similar to what the great James Larkin fought to have put in place for workers in Ireland so many years ago. In fact, he is famously known for his saying “a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.” Born in 1876 […]