Alexandre Gama’s Advance

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian copywriting and copyediting specialist who has done far more for his country than he will ever acknowledge credit for, and that alone’s a major understatement of epic proportions – in fact, his humility is what has driven him to dozens of top positions and jobs in the last four decades. […]

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – So Much More

Mexico’s Media Luxury advertisers who pay for print ads are not as interested in Gatopardo’s site. Big brands seek a different strategy when online. They desire influencers, Youtubers, and those with 200,000 or more followers on Instagram. Mexico City’s major magazines mostly have an online presence; major legacy media outlets, like El Universal – Mexico’s […]

Orange Coast Going for Another National Championship

The sport of rowing is one of the most challenging sports a person can play. It’s been said that in order to succeed you need to have nine human hearts beating together as one. The athletes at Orange Coast College understand this challenge. The team is attempting to go for it’s 12th national championship competing […]