In today world of investing there needs to be a large number of different investments in your portfolio.There are many websites online that offer you the ability to buy different products and investments.But you need to be sure that you can buy the right investments at the right website.

Gold and silver have been for centuries a very valuable asset to have in your portfolio and you should consider buying some especially when the economy is not doing that well. But one problem you may have is that you need to be sure that you are buying this gold and silver will from a good company.

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Gold and silver Is a great investment you have because in times of economic hardship you can be sure that your investments will actually increase in value and not decreased like other assets such as stocks or bonds. This is a very valuable pot of owning precious metals because they have been valued around the world for centuries.

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What does it take to leave an impression on the field that you work in? For Jason Hope, life as an entrepreneur is almost always interesting. Hope has become the face of the movement known as the Internet of Things, a fascinating look at technology and how smart-tech is revolutionizing our lives. Hope has also been steadily chipping away toward insert himself into the world of biotechnologies. Hope’s role as a futurist has made him immediately suitable to pioneer work toward important fields like medicine. Let’s learn a little bit more about Hope, how he’s impacting biotechnology, and what he believes the role of anti-aging medication has for our future.

Jason Hope is an Arizona resident, born and raised, and one of the foremost tech entrepreneurs in the area. He graduated from Arizona State University with an MBA in finance and that led him to embark on a quest in the mobile communications field. Hope founded his first company and quickly made a name for himself, rising up the ranks with Jawa while earning himself the ability to branch out into fields that fascinate him. Hope would eventually take his success toward the field of medicine after he learned about the SENS Foundation.The SENS Foundation is a non-profit located in California that has been focused on finding solutions to age-related illness. The SENS Foundation attracted Hope after the futurist learned of the work of Dr. Aubrey de Grey.

Hope was fascinated by the way that the SENS Foundation had been working toward solving the problems presented by Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and diabetes. This would lead Hope to branch out into philanthropy, offering a $500,000 donation to help propel the research. Hope says of his decision to donate to the SENS Foundation, “So much research and money are going towards curing these diseases.” Hope goes on to explain that he feels it is important to also put money toward preventing the diseases from happening to begin with. Hope and the SENS Foundation are both on the same page in their belief that disease prevention is just as, if not more important, than finding a cure.As a techno-enthusiast and a futurist, Hope is always looking ahead beyond the curb’s edge. Hope says that spending time reading scientific journals helps to keep him prepared and ready for when opportunity knocks and that has been one of the biggest reasons for his continual success.

Mike Baur has a firm that can take someone’s vision for a future business and turn it into a real life company that may have otherwise never been able to take off on its own. This accelerator firm is the Swiss Startup Factory in Zurich, Switzerland and it has several layers to its approach for building businesses. It has investors who come to the firm and get to know just what the accelerator’s participants hope to accomplish with their company, training sessions helping entrepreneurs learn how to make the right pitch to venture capital firms and even physical survival skill sessions that are meant to give participants an idea for the kind of environment they’ll be running a business in.


Mike Baur has a three-month program he uses to bring businesses online, but his accelerator can really actually be broken down into two accelerators in pre-acceleration and growth acceleration. The pre-acceleration phase is where most of the mentoring takes place, and with the assistance of professional consultants and market researchers, the startup’s product starts to take shape and IT support is also included. The actual growth accelerator is when the capital starts moving into the startup, and in this phase actual leadership structure is formed, branding takes place, accounting and tax compliance is now being done and other administrative tasks are being managed. Mike Baur has put a lot of work into forming his networks, but it took many years in banking for him to reach where he is today.


In Switzerland, the banks were once the pride of its economy. This is because many foreign entities chose to bank in Switzerland due to relaxed regulations and good returns on investments. Mike Baur enrolled in a banking internship program when he was only 16 since this was the way most people entered the workforce at the time. For many years Baur was successful as an advisor and manager at UBS Bank and later Clariden Leu, but when the government brought new rules to banking after the 2008 crisis resulting from Swiss banks being heavily invested in US mortgages, things changed in Baur’s world. It soon became apparent to Baur that banking was no longer the way to go. But upon leaving his bank office, he became certain that his new plan to pour resources into startup ideas would work. He discussed his plans with independent venture firms and media executives, and by the end of 2014 the Swiss Startup Factory was open. Since that day, hundreds of startups have come through the accelerator and are now operating.


When you deploy your first website, you may find that you will encounter a wide range of different issues that can negatively impact the success of your website. Especially, since not all websites are the same and they cater to different audiences and needs. In short, the first version of your site may need changes right away. However, before you begin to make a modification that may make matter worse, you can use various tried and proven tools that can assist you in making your job much easier. One, in particular, involves the use of A/B testing. A/B testing can be ideal for a wide range of reasons and purposes. Therefore, if you want to know why you should use this type of testing, there are few 2 top reasons provided for you below.


Testing Helps You to Make Sound Decisions

Sometimes when a site is not making any revenue at all, the owner of the site may want to know why. So, to prevent the information that they gather from being based on guesstimates, the owner should look for tools and resources that will allow them to make sound decisions based on facts. With this type of testing, the owner of the site can find the information that they need by testing out differences in certain scenarios. This is because this type of 2 version testing will provide the owner with data that tells exactly why the 2nd proposed version will work better than the first one that has been implemented. For instance, with the newer version, the visitor of the site may like the new design better than the older design because it is much easier to navigate from one section on the site the next.

Eliminates Making Major Changes without Testing them Out

Another reason for using this kind of testing in your website testing plan is eliminating the need to make major changes without testing them out well in advance. For instance, if the changes being proposed include several different changes that can be confusing to the regular visitors, the changes can be made in different phases. For instance, the owner may want to make changes on the home page first and then make other essential changes at a later date. Therefore, the entire site will not be adversely impacted if there are big changes that need to be made before the site can be completely overhauled and redesigned.

According to Ian King, there is a significance to the fact that the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market is dominated by millennials. Millennials make up the bulk of people who are trading cryptocurrencies. According to Coinbase, over sixty percent of their users are under the age of thirty four. Only around eighteen percent are over the age of forty five. It is not surprising, because young people are a lot more likely to adapt to digital innovations, such as digital currencies.

Many of these young traders have never really traded or invested in the stock market. They jumped right into the trading and investing world with cryptocurrencies. Thus, they do not have experience with a real bear market. Young people do not have the same fear of losing out as older people who need to prepare for retirement. At the same time, they do not know when to sell. They may buy at the right times, but selling is a little more complicated.

There is nothing wrong with buying when a bubble occurs. However, you also need to know how to sell. George Soros famously is known for buying during bubbles, which because of his high profile and wealth usually drives the bubble up even more. However, he also knows when to sell. That is the problem. If you sell only on the dips because you get afraid, then you will lose money. Read more about Ian King at for more updates.

In other words, you need to have a solid strategy. That is what so many cryptocurrency investors are lacking. Ian King has a friend, Jordan, who bought cryptocurrencies at very good price points. He bought Bitcoin for as low as just a little over one thousand dollars. However, he consistently lost his investments, for a really simple reason. He always sold at the wrong time. He did not sell at the highs, because he was afraid of missing out if it went higher. Then, when it dropped, he sold because he was afraid of losing money. This caused him to avoid holding on. He only bought Bitcoin again when it went up again. In other words, he was buying high and selling low, the worst strategy you can use.

Ian King, a cryptocurrency expert, currently is working with Banyan Hill Publishing to produce content on Bitcoin investing for their readers and investors.

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Rodrigo Terpins, son of retired Brazilian basketball player and sports director, Jack Terpins, and brother to Michel Terpins, is a well-known rally driver from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins grew up in a very sporty family, so the love of sports was never to far from hand. It is no wonder that he became such a success in rally racing. He began his career in rally driving as a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team.

Rodrigo and Michel are actually both rally drivers, in fact they work for the same team. Michel started his career as the pilot for his brother after first racing in the Motorcycle class several years ago. Both of the Terpins brothers are now driving the “T-Rex”, as part of the MEM Motorsport organization, which is a ethanol modified V8. They have been an official team of the organization for several years now. Recently the brothers finished third in 2600 kilometer race designed to push their mental and physical fitness to the limit. The Terpins are sponsored by Bull Sertoes, Xarla, Motul, MEM support team, and several others.

According to, Rodrigo himself excels at the T1 prototype rally racing category, a factor that enabled him to build a massive fan base in his native country of Brazil. In order to more closely connect with his fans Rodrigo has built a large social networking platform on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and more. He has a personal website for his fans to keep track of future events that he will be part of, as well as links to recent interviews and a biography. Rodrigo has become a rather large proponent to charity in Brazil. He and his brother Michel also support Green Initiative in their program to plant trees in the Atlantic Forest. You can also find out more about Rodrigo Terpins on his Crunchbase and LinkedIn profile.

Paul Wesley has become one of the world’s most respected young actors. Wesley has a passion for acting that dates back to his youth. Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey Wesley has a career that dates back nearly twenty years. He has appeared in major movies and TV productions. He has even expanded his career to include directing and producing.

Wesley’s love for acting really began to blossom while he was in high school. Attending both Christian Brothers Academy and Marlboro High School in New Jersey, Wesley got a big break during his junior year in high school. He was cast into the soap opera Guiding Light. Playing the character Max Nickerson, Wesley’s career soon took off in a major way. He would soon leaver Rutgers University to pursue his acting career full time.

paul wesley

The list of movies and tv shows that Wesley has appeared in is quite extensive. The movies he has appeared in include Before I Disappear, The Late Bloomer, and HBO’s Shot in the Heart. TV shows that Wesley has worked on include 24, Smallville and The OC. 2014 was a big year for Wesley. He worked on some highly praised films including Amira and Sam and Cal in Camo.

paul wesley

At the young age of thirty five, Paul Wesley has already become known for his philanthropy. He has conducted multiple fundraising campaigns on to raise funds for charity. He is also known for his work with The Humane Society of the United States. Paul Wesley has already made a huge impact during his career. Only thirty five years old, he is sure to continue making his presence felt for years to come.

paul wesley

The Academy of Art University has dazzled the world yet again, or at least Skylight Clarkson Square. Not long ago, in September of 2017, they displayed their newest runway showcase. This was their 21st showcase, so feel free to crack open the champaign to celebrate. The newest fashion designers graduates made their entries into this show. They displayed a wide variety of tastes, styles, and motives. There were 7 collections all told, with 10 participating designers. It included both women’s and men’s fashions.

The Academy of Art University has a long history in San Francisco. It was founded a century ago, back in 1929. Back then it was know as the Academy of Advertising Art. The founder, one Richard S. Stevens, edited and painted for a magazine. The Stevens have run the Academy for 3 generations, changing from father, to son, then to daughter. Elisa Stephens, the current president, took her place in 1992.

She has overseen the largest period of growth the Academy has enjoyed. When she first started the academy had roughly 2000 students. Nowadays, with nearly 300 full time staff and almost 1200 part time staff, the University teaches just over 12,000 students. These students are a diverse bunch drawing from all over the country and even the world. Many online students also attend classes over the Internet.

The Academy of Art University now offers many accredited degrees and even has it’s own varsity sports teams. The nearly 25 associate’s and master’s degrees cover subjects ranging from architecture and the Fine Arts. It’s teams, the Urban Knights, include many sports from basketball to outdoor track. They play in the NCAA Division II and their members have taken home many awards and championships over the years.

Thousands of students get to enjoy the warm weather while pursuing a great education. These young adults will help to shape the future of fashion and art the world over.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, M.D., is a plastic surgeon specialist for the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, located in Dallas, Texas. He absolutely loves what he does, which shows in the great results he regularly provides for his patients. Dr. Jejurikar performs many cosmetic plastic surgery procedures including tummy tuck, breast augmentation, mommy makeover, liposuction, and more.


His medical journey began with an education at the University of Michigan, where he earned his medical degree and completed his residency. He also received training at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, which gave him considerable experience with many different aesthetic surgery procedures.

Today Dr. Jejurikar regularly practices his craft at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. The over 60,000 square foot building provides plastic surgeons with all of the latest technology available in the plastic surgery industry, as well as luxurious accommodations for patients to stay and recover during post surgery. The Institute even has built in hotel suites that are used exclusively by patients.


Dr. Jejurikar enjoys meeting with new patients every day in order to design the best plan of action to get them the exact results they want from their cosmetic surgery procedure. Many patients go to the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute because they are suffering psychologically from physical imperfections on their body. Dr. Jejurikar recognizes this and is always there for his patients. He enjoys making them feel proud and more confident about themselves once a successful cosmetic procedure is completed.

Dr. Jejurikar helps make the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is one of the happiest environments you will ever encounter. Plastic Surgeons like Dr. Jejurikar make the world a happier place and they deserve all the credit they get.


Many people desire success in life but the reality is that there is lack of the required impetus which is much needed to scale the heights of greatness. Real progress requires a resolute mindset which takes no rest until great results get realized. Logan Stout is one good example of how success gets achieved by employing a clear mindset towards success. His success story began in Richardson, Texas at J.J. Pierce High school where he got recognized for various achievements. Notable in the list of his numerous successes in high school was his recognition as a top student and also as the Most Valuable Player in basketball. Learn more at about Logan Stout

Stout’s commitment to excellence extended beyond high school life all the way to participating in 17 World series sporting events as a coach or player. As he excelled in sports, he also succeeded academically by earning a psychology and business degree from University of Dallas and Panola respectively. He possesses a fantastic character, for example, while at Dallas Baptist University as a coach, he served in the youth ministry thus giving hope to many young people. His interest in mentorship is beyond doubt as noted in his mission to motivate young players who are facing difficulties in their sporting endeavors. His commitment to nurturing the youth made him establish a world-class baseball organization known as The Dallas Patriots. Visit Baseball Reference for more info.

Stout’s journey to all-round success and improving lives made him in 2014 to establish ID Life, a business dealing with healthcare. The healthcare business was in line with his philosophy of success which according to him should cater for the health of the soul, body, and mind. ID Life has employed unique ways of doing business different from other companies. They offer a free assessment to its clients, making the most suitable recommendations instead of just merchandising and leaving them bombarded with a whole catalog of products.

Stout’s generosity of counsel, motivational talks, ideas, and resources is evident  in his educative endeavors as shared in his book on how to build the self, other people and teams. His efforts have gotten recognized in publications, journal articles, and interviews. He also believes in raising good families by his notable commitment to his wife, children and above all his gratitude to God for all his achievements. Watch out this video: