Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian copywriting and copyediting specialist who has done far more for his country than he will ever acknowledge credit for, and that alone’s a major understatement of epic proportions – in fact, his humility is what has driven him to dozens of top positions and jobs in the last four decades. Alexandre Gama has certainly proven himself over many years, beginning as a mere associate while finishing his bachelor’s degree and – slowly but surely – advancing up the ranks with a dedicated mix of skill and flair. He is truly the committed writer and Grammar expert in Brazil – known as number one there.

Alexandre Gama has founded Neogama at the late turn of the century, right as economic fluctuations were at their all-time high – not only in Brazil but in the world’s larger collective economy. Gama has seen ups and downs. He has survived.

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Mexico’s Media

Luxury advertisers who pay for print ads are not as interested in Gatopardo’s site. Big brands seek a different strategy when online. They desire influencers, Youtubers, and those with 200,000 or more followers on Instagram.

Mexico City’s major magazines mostly have an online presence; major legacy media outlets, like El Universal – Mexico’s top newspaper – are now investing more of their resources on internet news. Many have visited El Universal’s office. Editor Carlos Benavides has said that this newspaper company now has more people reading its news through mobile devices and tablets than through computers: Mexicans have embraced their mobile readers and respond to what the public’s both searching for and reading about.

Mexico’s media takes social networks seriously. It can see what people look at and which created profiles and photo galleries respond as well. The shifts in strategies at El Universal reflects a fact: Mexico drives the highest rates of smartphone penetration in all of Latin America with approximately 65 million internet users. While legacy news organizations experiment with digital media, many of Mexico’s most dynamic actions in online news come from independent outlets, like Animal Politico or Sin Embargo. The office of Animal Politico’s Editor in Chief is Dulce Ramos, who has wisely said that said that one of the top boosters for online media is a simple fact: Mexico City’s youth increasing use social media to participate in political debates.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – The Man of Action

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero serves both his country and his media. He knows the fine print. He knows media law.

More importantly, he knows how to deliver the deadlines. He has worked in journalism for many years. Watch him on the local Mexican news stations.

If perhaps you are a professional wine sommelier, or a devoted connoisseur, you understand the benefits of investing in the wine industry, most so the ones acquired from a renowned cellar like the UKV PLC, that operates in The United Kingdom. If experimenting is your passion, you will find it fascinating to invest in grade wine from an array of brands. Unlike how stock markets work, you need not pay any tax following the sale of any of your highly treasured bottles.

Through your partnership with UKC PLC, you get to invest in an array of tangible goods. Rather than tracking your stocks through a computerized system or on papers, you can have them physically arranged with every tinge of detail on a cellar or storage area.

Further, the UK based wine vendor hosts a team of trained and experienced consultants to advice you on the importance of procuring wine bottles that meet the market standards. Otherwise, you may end up purchasing a collection of bottles, oblivious of their Return on Investment.

By utilizing the UKV PLC online retail shop, you can expect to realize a fifteen percent ROI. The only trick is to refrain from buying cheap brands, or unpopular labels. The wine vending industry is substantially stable, and hardly fluctuates like the stock market. Learn more about UKV PLC:

Brexit, in particular, has bolstered the industry. It was a drastic whim of the status quo that disrupted the economy of Great Britain, yet investments in the wine industry increased in value by virtually 20%. Usually, when the future holds uncertainties, people tend to resort to traditional business opportunities. Wine is one of them.


Also known as the Vintners of London, UKV PLC majors in acquiring and selling world’s most recognized, ecstatic and pleasurable brands of wine in their Grade Luxury Fine Wine and Champaign. Though an independent firm, UKV PLC keeps a long supply chain, and that provides access to some of the finest wines. The company keeps a roster of brokers, traders and merchants when in search of a queer brand, or a highly demanded champagne.

Through its interactive social media platforms, UKV PLC personnel interact with current and potential clients on insightful topics regarding various types of wines, and how you can successfully tap some rewarding investment opportunities.

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The sport of rowing is one of the most challenging sports a person can play. It’s been said that in order to succeed you need to have nine human hearts beating together as one. The athletes at Orange Coast College understand this challenge.

The team is attempting to go for it’s 12th national championship competing against major four year universities. This little-known yet legendary OCC rowing team, led by 22 year old captain Daniel Amado has built a culture of hard work and dedication that has allowed them to overcome incredible odds to be one of the best teams in the nation.

The Orange Coast rowing team is led by assistant coach Steve Morris and head coach Cameron Brown. Morris himself has been developing and incredible work ethic at this school for quite some time. He gets up each morning at 5:30 am completes a long commute and arrives early for the teams 6:30 am practice. Many of his players have never pulled an oar before starting community college. The staff takes great pride in molding and teaching their players the sport.

His players usually go on to do great things after leaving the community college. Some of the team members have gone on to UC Berkeley, University of Washington, Stanford and even Boston University. Orange Coast will compete with more than 40 schools and is expected to be one of the favorites in the competition. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

With a beautiful nearly 200 acre campus, Orange Coast College is a great place to get an education. Founded in 1947, OCC is just minutes from Southern California’s beautiful beaches.

The school’s enrollment is more than 25,000 students a semester making it one of the largest community colleges in the nation. With top of the line facilities, OCC offers more than 130 academic programs including one of most respecte largest public nautical programs in the country.

Orange Coast College is a member of the Coast Community College District.

Orange Coast College ranks first in the number of students it transfers to the University of California and California State University systems. With year round courses and great track record, Orange Coast College should continue to make an impact for many more years to come.

Sometimes a person comes into his or her own by a drive to do so, but sometimes it happens through experience. Brian Torchin, a veteran of healthcare for some time now, from Pennsylvania that began opening healthcare places in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. This work made him a well-known recruiter for healthcare the world over. Today, he is the president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC.

This has extended to Europe and Asia. He began years ago in a chiropractic office of his own, and along with his work to create the best staff possible for his practice, he began the process. His experience paved the way for him. According to Glassdoor, this is how Brian Torchin began. Today he is well known for this ability.

Today his work at Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC offers a way for clients to have the very best staff possible for their practice. Just as he had once done for his practice, he was now helping other staff their practices worldwide. Here are the things that they offer specifically for clients.

– chiropractic staffing

– physical therapy staff

– hospital staffing

– background staff investigations

Since beginning this project, he has created a website that offers his services and gives tips for medical practices on how to find and employ the best staff for their practices.

Some of the best tips are those that offer a way to check on the “customer friendly” qualities of their practice. Because a medical practice of any kind is based on serving the patients with the highest level of care, they are required to always behave in that manner. Learn more about Brian Torchin:


The practice offers the very best support for many clients. Some of those clients have given their testimonial about their ability to offer services that make a practice better. Dr. Mayer Green, DC from Consultants of America is one of those leading testimonies. Here are some of the things that they offer that make them the best in their field.

– They offer a 48 hour turnaround time in staffing.

– They efficiently evaluate the staff prior to this choice.

– They provide a full background investigation of all potential applicants.

For many years, Madison Street Capital has assisted a number of potential clients that belongs to a variety of industries. Every client has a unique characteristic demanding careful analysis and on the spot recommendations, and Madison Street Capital knows that, that is why they are focusing on providing only the best services that can be given to their clients, including some professional advice for merging companies and corporation who are going to acquire small firms. Madison Street Capital was established in 2005, and in its early years focused as an investment banking firm serving the middle market. A wide array of financial services like business evaluation, corporate advising, financial reports regarding valuation and financial opinions for middle market businesses are available for clients who are looking for some assistance. In order for them to fully deliver their promise of great client service, Madison Street Capital initially do some research and study in order to understand the value of a company. This initial stage is vital and is important to the process, because the company’s condition can be determined during this period and what kind of opportunities could knock on their doors. Once the research has finished, they will start opening the communication lines to both parties who are either requesting for a merge or acquisition, making sure that the deal would be closed with both parties knowing the full terms and services.


It is a common challenge for most business owners coming from the middle market to identify the right financial advisor that would help them and would give them the results which they are expecting. These clients can be easily overwhelmed by the sheer amount of effort required looking for a trusted advisor before an actual work begins, and middle market investment firms are sprouting like mushrooms these past few years. For business owners who are trying to acquire a smaller firm, the most reliable way is to directly transact with Madison Street Capital, as they could offer favorable lending and fabricating a good exit strategy, and their history and standing could tell a lot about their legitimacy. The company is also branded as an excellent choice for this matter, because they have already left their mark in this industry. Madison Street Capital reputation managed to establish itself as the leading provider of services focused on financial matters catering to middle market businessmen in the United States of America.


Madison Street Capital opened up a number of satellite offices in North America, Asia, and Africa, and continues to dominate the industry, being the leader in merging and acquisition services, and often recognized as the firm who offers the best valuation service. Their corporate leadership is focused on striving for what they seem to be the best not just for Madison Street Capital, but for all the middle market businessmen as well.


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     The Traveling Vineyard is a unique site that opens up the door for ordinary people like you to sell their wine and build a great additional income selling wine. The Traveling Vineyard is a wine company that has immensely amazing flavors, and they can help you make money by letting you sell their products. It can be scary to not know where to find a second income, but this company can give you that chance and also give you the flexibility to earn some cash.

So you’re probably wondering if this is the right company for you or not. It’s confusing by now if you aren’t so sure with where you’re headed and if it’s a job that you would really like to consider having. Wine guides can be anybody. You don’t need to be a specific type of person or have a specific current job. There are wine guides who are making money while having a big full-time job; others who are earning serious bucks only strictly with the Traveling Vineyard, and then there are other people who work part-time elsewhere and use this company to help supplement their overall income.

The Traveling Vineyard is the company that can give you what you want and need so you can make a great extra income. If you are a parent, single parent, teacher, retiree, or you’re not able to get a job elsewhere, this is the company who can help get you moving so you can earn cash. There are people who work as a wine guide who have had zero direct sales experience in the past either. There is some good money to be earned in this business simply because people will always want to buy wine. The need for wine is always on demand, and the key is to simply provide the people who want it with the solution and give them the option. Traveling Vineyard has a long list of wonderful flavors, and they have such great choices worth buying.

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George Soros has been reported by Politico having banded together with others who wish to fight against conservative politics. The aftermath of the Presidential election has left many progressives hoping for new ways to protect, and this article explains how the progressives in his camp are making a difference in the world. There are many different people who are searching for a way to help who may come together with George.

#1: How Is He Coming Back?

George Soros is making a comeback using the summit he recently had with his donors in Washington. He wanted to meet with everyone to ensure that they would give to the many causes that he believes in. Each of these people who will give their money to specific PACs that have been created to fight against conservative politicians. The politicians who are targets of George have not acted in good faith, and George wants to call them to account for what they have done.

#2: How Much Are They Giving?

These donors are giving millions to many different causes, and they are combatting people such as Joe Arpaio in Arizona. He has been accused of a number of bad things that are not in the public interest, and he knows that there are people who wish to have him removed from office. The midterm elections are a serious matter for the progressive movement, and George believes that he may help turn the tide of these elections without any problem. Read this story about George at

#3: Midterms

The midterm elections in 2018 are an important part of what is happening in the political culture, and many people may lose their seats in 2018 because they were willing to support Trump in the 2016 election. Anyone who has lost favor with the electorate could be moved out in these elections, and they will be far simple for people to vote in. George is giving money to get out the vote, and he is hoping to help with protests that will shed light on these elections.

#4: Why Does George Do This?

George is doing this because he is a holocaust survivor, and there are many people who are searching for ways to give back because of things that have happened to them. Someone who wishes to give back may follow the lead that George has taken, and he will continue to offer his opinion along with his assessment of the economy. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

#5: George’s View Of The Economy

The economy is a major point of contention of George Soros, and he has offered his opinion on it many times. He knows that there are a number of people who are hoping for investment advice, and they will follow his lead when trying to protect their money. Each person who has questions about their money may watch what George does.

George Soros is putting his money where his mouth is, and he is giving to causes that matter to him. He has created many progressive movements that are good for the people and progress.

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The Quincy Apartment complex lies near the Raritan River, New Street and Liberty Street in New Brunswick. Unfortunately for the residents living there, is has become something of a nightmare with several situations that have happened over the years. Most of what occurs at the complex is shooting crimes and theft, illegal guns found, and it has left many people injured. The security of the area is poor, and the police have their work cut out for them, answering domestic disputes and shooting called.

On May 7, 2013 a pizza man was called to deliver a pizza to the Northern building, part of Quincy Circle, which has over 200 units. After questioning residents, the pizza man was going back to his car as no one claimed the pizza order. While returning to his car, three men were waiting for him and they were carrying weapons. They robbed the pizza man of his money, the pizza, and shot him, afterwards driving off. Through cell phone information a suspect was found and he was charged with giving wrong information, robbery, unlawful possession of a weapon, and obstruction of justice. Later in the evening, someone who was wounded went to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and that person is believed to be another victim of the gunshots.

In October of 2015, there was a shooting reported where at least one person was injured at the New Brunswick Apartments, in New Jersey. This area is a hot spot for robberies that occur there from time to time. The crime was committed by a gangster where there was about four shootings leaving one person with a minor injury. The injured individual was driven to the hospital, and police believe that the driver was the suspect. The police had to return to the New Brunswick Apartments after more bullets were found and further investigation was called for. The police have been to that area often as the Police Chief stated that occurrences such as these are all too common.

It makes it difficult for residents of this area to live their lives as normally as possible when crime is an almost daily happening. Police have had to keep a close watch over the area as some residents are not trustworthy enough to do the right thing.

The Quincy is an apartment’s compound that is found in New Brunswick, NJ. It is located near the Raritan River, Liberty Street and the New Street bound it. Several incidences have happened in this complex over the years that make the place insecure and inconvenient to live in. Most of the incidences include theft and shooting crimes, which have left many people injured due to possession of illegal weapons, which is a bad outlook for the residents. The article gives an account of some of these incidences.


The shooting crime reported on Oct 7, 2015, where at least one person was injured at New Brunswick Apartments. This place has been named a crime hotspot due to the many robbery occurrences happening from time to time. The crime carried out by one gangster where around four shootings were heard leaving one person with a minor injury and was driven to the hospital. The same person who drove him to the hospital is said to be the suspect. The police were summoned back to the compound after more bullets were found and they had to carry out further investigations. The captain said that such incidences are common in that complex.


Another occurrence involved a pizza deliveryman on May 7, 2013. The man was shot when delivering pizza at the Northern building in Quincy Circle, which has more than 200 units. The residents told him that no pizza had been ordered and on going back to his car, he found the gunmen waiting for him. They robbed him off him money and pizza, shot him and drove off. Later, an ordinary street guy was linked to the case through cell phone information. He was charged with robbery, obstruction of justice, unlawful possession of the weapon and giving wrong information. Later a wounded person walked into the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, and he was believed to have been a victim of the gunshots.


There have been other incidences of shootings due to domestic quarrels, which make it a poor neighborhood to reside. Two people were also reported to be in critical conditions after shootings around New Brunswick City. The security level is not okay as many armed men are living in the area.


Police said that similar cases are very common in this field and some incidences, women call to order pizza just to put the delivery persons in a trap. Some of the residents in this neighborhood are not trustworthy, but the police are keeping a close watch on the Quincy.

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The tech world is as full of entrepreneurs today as it was a decade ago, but the difference is that it is getting harder and harder to grow and stand out above the rest of the competition. Somehow Eric Pulier has, more often than not, risen completely to the top of the list thanks to his tireless effort and innovative techniques in the industry. Pulier may not be a household name outside of the industry, but he has certainly become a person to watch for any aspiring entrepreneur out there reading this. Eric Pulier’s career is as wide as it is varied and as innovative as it is exciting.


In order to really appreciate how far Eric Pulier has come as an entrepreneur you have to understand his approach to failure and how you overcome it. Pulier points back to one specific moment in his career as a defining one. Pulier states, “I sold a company that I had worked very hard on for years, often making payroll from my own pocket. The risks and late nights were intense.” Pulier goes on to describe how attached to the business he got but that he still opted to sell. However something happened that would change him, “When the acquisition concluded, we found that key promises from the acquirer were not going to be kept and I was heartbroken.” Pulier overcame this problem by leaning on his team and focusing on developing more important relationships going forward.


Eric Pulier has succeeded in large part because he has been open to ideas as they come to him. Often Pulier will let an idea form in the back of his head, slowly letting it germinate from seed until he is ready for it to meet the public. Pulier never rushes a concept but he is also never afraid of approaching them either.Eric Pulier says, “I believe creativity is among the most important ingredients to success.” Pulier suggests that entrepreneurs grow their creativity by reading, “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat” by the author Oliver Sacks. Upcoming entrepreneurs would do well to focus on this aspect of their work.


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