Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin know what it takes to be a big part of a community. They have always done what they can to make sure they are providing things to people. They also know what they can do to bring attention to issues that minorities face.

These issues are things people may not have even known about and Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are sure to always show them how they can make these things better on their own. It is their way of providing opportunities to people who are working in different situations. It is also something that will continue to change depending on what problems each person is going through.

While there have been many different changes to the industry and to the things that are happening in the industry, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin know what they can do to help people out through the most difficult times of their lives.

As long as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are doing their best with helping people, they are confident with the skills they have. They are constantly working to give people a chance. Read more:  Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Through their foundation, the Frontera Fund, they have made sure to always look out for people who are in different minority groups. They try to focus most of their time on people who are in the Hispanic minority groups, but they know that all minorities can benefit from the help they have to offer.

Part of what they are doing for others goes back to helping people through different situations and through the opportunities they have for success.

It is their way of providing new options to people and their way of giving them the things they need to feel better on their own. Looking at these things can help people understand what they need to do and understand there will be different things that they are doing.

For as long as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been in business, they know they are going to continue thriving and continue doing well in different situations. It is their way of providing a valuable service to all the minorities.

Depending on which things Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are doing for other people, they know they want to be confident with what they have to offer. They also want people to realize they are doing a good job with the things they are helping minorities with.

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Jeff Yastine has said in the past that mergers and acquisitions will be the big thing in 2018 and beyond. After he made that prediction, he was proven right. Boeing announced plans to merge with Embraer. Stockholders instantly got a 30% profit. Although it is not yet a done deal, you can see his point. More and more companies are thinking of buying out or merging with other companies.

Jeff Yastine believes that competitors of Amazon will merge in order to be able to compete with Amazon. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy stocks in these companies. When they do merge, then your stocks will go up and you will reap the rewards. Here are some Amazon competitors that you should invest in, according to Jeff Yastine.

The first competitor is eBay. eBay is probably Amazon’s largest competitor. It is an online platform where people can sell any product of their choosing. It has been around for a long time. There are many companies that may want to buy eBay. Google is one example. After all, if Google really wants to be a valid competitor to Amazon, they may want to get into this industry. In order to do that, they may buy off eBay.

Another company is The Kroger Company. It clearly has fears that it will not be able to compete with Amazon, which is why its stocks are down by 35%. However, it has a few thousand stores around the country. It has been very successful, which is why Whole Foods was not able to compete with Kroger, which is why Whole Foods agreed to be bought out by Amazon. Kroger also announced that they will be introducing innovative technologies into their stores. They do have a future.

Finally, there is W. W. Grainger. Grainger is not really a retail store like Kroger. They provide all sorts of products. They have a solid network and can be a good choice for a company that is looking to compete with Amazon.

Jeff Yastine says that 2018 will be the year of acquisitions. More and more companies have larger cash reserves, and most companies are saying that their cash reserves are going to be used for mergers and acquisitions.

Jeff Yastine is the editor of Total Wealth Insider at Banyan Hill Publishing.

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Advertising is integral to the success of all sorts of businesses around the globe. While print, television, and radio advertising ruled pretty much all of the world’s advertising market share, mobile devices quickly came into play, including the advent of social media.

Alexandre Gama has taken great advantage of all such opportunities in his career, starting with him getting an academic degree in advertising and communications from the Armando Alvarez Penteado Foundation, something that’s given Alexandre Gama tons of real-world experience throughout his advertising career.

After jumping ship from his educational program at its completion, Alexandre Gama was hired by Standard Ogilvy & Mather as a content creator and copywriter in 1982. Mr. Gama remained with the famous, well-known, American agency for about eight years, then came back to his home country of Brazil to work for DM9 for about four years.

Alexandre Gama was made the most decorated copywriter of his time throughout the four years following his leave from his first employer, Standard Ogilvy & Mather, in the entirety of Brazil.

Throughout this beginning stage in his history, Gama also worked among the likes of Almap BBDO and Young & Rubicam and honorary Member of the Global Board in 1996.

Over the past few years, large companies have begun to no longer give their employees stock options. Some companies say they do it to save money. Others are doing it for more complex reasons. There are several issues that have convinced employers that stock options are not worth it. Learn more:


  1. When the stock value drops, employees don’t have enough time to exercise their options. The company is still forced to report all related expenses, leaving stakeholders with the risk of option overhang.


  1. Employees don’t trust this kind of compensation. Employees have realized that these options can become worthless at anytime. They see these benefits as casino chips instead of cash.


  1. Stock options increase the burden on the company accountants. This can result in costs that negate any financial benefits. Most employees would rather receive a higher paid salary instead of stock or equity.


Stock options are still a good idea for employee benefits. Stock options are easier for employees to understand. With the value tied to the company’s value, employees will work harder at making the company successful. This will lead them to find ways to draw in new customers and keep existing customers happy. It’s less of a tax burden if companies offer options instead of stock shares.


Jeremy Goldstein has become one of the top legal advisers in New York. He’s an expert when it comes to corporate governance and executive compensation. Jeremy Goldstein is founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC., a boutique law firm in New York. Throughout his life, he has been a key player in sever major corporate transactions that involved some of the top-tier companies such as AT&T, Verizon, Chevron and Merck. Jeremy Goldstein currently serves on the board of several nonprofits including the Fountain House, which provides housing for male victims of domestic violence.

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What Fortune Magazine Says About Nathaniel Ru And His Company

Nathaniel Ru is one of three CEOs who runs a restaurant franchise known as Sweetgreen. It’s not your typical restaurant in that it’s got a completely vegetarian menu with a lot of vegetable platters and soups fit for those who prefer healthier foods. But what Ru and his two friends want with Sweetgreen is for it to be an inclusive place where customers can socialize and feel as if they’re somewhere they belong. The three CEOs also encourage mobile ordering and being a part of the online community as a way to make the experience go even faster. Sweetgreen is still a very new franchise that’s looking to carve a different identity among the rest of the fast-food industry.


Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman all met while attending Georgetown University in the mid-2000s. They all are the sons of first-generation immigrants who started businesses and all three men wanted to do the same. They found their angle at a time when they realized Georgetown’s dining options lacked variety and options for those who were health-conscious. So as both part of their business class project and a part of their own venture, they started their own campus restaurant. It took a little time for them to finance the first rental space they used for Sweetgreen, and they didn’t know what the first winter break would hold for them. But once they’d gotten through that, they knew Sweetgreen could be a success.


One of Ru’s biggest first challenges was when Sweetgreen opened it’s second location in DC and had a little trouble attracting new customers. They then decided to try live music that millennials might find appealing, and not only did that help attract more customers but it also became the start of a festival known as Sweetlife. Music has always been a huge part of Ru and his friends’ interests.


Ru, Jammet and Neman spend a lot of time in Venice Beach in Los Angeles, but they say Sweetgreen really has no headquarters. They do often travel the nation to visit each Sweetgreen location and to explore expanding it. They all enjoy working alongside employees in the kitchen and seeing the joy their customers experience whenever they visit.

The sweet green restaurant is a symbol of quality food, and many emerging food restaurants would like to take after the Sweetgreen if not imitating it. Its high-end salad chain is so enticing and makes the customers keep visiting the restaurant.

The three investors in the business also are known as great people giving Sweetgreen the full combination as the top in healthy, fresh, organic and local meals. Sweetgreen is ever stormed with long queues of diners in all the forty points. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

In his statement, Nathaniel Ru who is one of the co-CEOs said that the Sweetgreen is focused on providing the best food to the population. The traditional chains have the advantage of learning more than just the food in the menus.

Sweetgreen enjoys 30% percent of their transaction done through a mobile app and the internet. In addition to the use of technology to improve their services, the three co-CEOs are also investing in improving the management strategies.

With the aim of maintaining a close relationship with the customers, the entire team including the corporate staff work joins together in five occasions in a year. At these occasions, the corporate staff always closes the corporate offices to mingle in the event.

The uniqueness of the Sweetgreen is that it operates without a head office. They are based on decentralization since the three co-CEOs are bi-coastal and are aiming at growing the restaurant nationally.

Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru studied at the Georgetown University together with the other two co-CEOs. They were all classmates in an entrepreneurship class. They had many things in common that attracted them together. Their parents were all in the first-generation immigration.

Secondly, their parents to the three co-CEOs were private business owners. They came along when they realized and believed that Georgetown had improper food and feeding options.

They were driven by this fact such that they decided to open up the Sweetgreen restaurant immediately they finished their course. The three told the Fortune that their success was dependent on whether they would make it through the winter as the schools ran empty during this period.

The three partners started the company Sweetlife and music and food festival. It has grown to become the region’s biggest attracting over 20000 people. High profile music and top quality food from the best of the chefs are figured during the event.

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Mobile phones are ubiquitous across the United States. Only the very rare individual does not have a mobile phone of some sort. What members of the general public may not be aware of is how frequently mobile phones are smuggled into correctional facilities in the United States. Even if there is some awareness of the volume of mobile phones illegally brought into correctional facilities, there is not necessarily a clear understanding of how dangerous these devices can be in the hands of inmates. The story of former Florida correctional officer Robert Johnson.


During the normal course of his day at the correctional facility, Johnson came upon a box containing about $50,000 in illegal contraband intended to be placed in the hands of inmates. His efforts prevented the introduction of this contraband into the facility, which would have been a major security breach.


Sadly, the story of Robert Johnson did not end with the interdiction. Rather, the inmate behind the introduction of the contraband into the facility was not to be outdone. The inmate had possession of an illegal mobile phone.


By using the illegal mobile phone, the inmate was able to have a hit placed on CO Johnson. The inmate ordered a fellow gang member in the outside world to shoot and kill Johnson.


While getting ready for work one morning after thwarting the introduction of the box of contraband into the correctional facility, the hitman broke into Johnson’s home. Johnson was shot multiple times and nearly died.


Since this horrible event, Johnson has made it his mission to educated people on how dangerous mobile phones are in correctional institutions. He fights to prevent the flow of mobile devices into jails and prisons.


Securus Technologies is the industry leader in technology designed to prevent the introduction of mobiled phones into correctional facilities. Securus Technologies developed wireless containment systems designed to find mobile devices illegally brought into a correctional facility.


Recently, Securus Technologies conducted research to determine how serious the issue of illegal mobile phones in correctional facilities is at this time Securus Technologies learned that over a year time period, Securus Technologies wireless containment systems prevented 1.7 million illegal communication attempts in eight correctional facilities in the United States.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and currently serves the needs of approximately 3,450 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies as well as over 1,200,000 inmates located across the United States and Canada. The company has set itself ahead of the industry pack when it comes to providing its clientele with what is considered to be a full suite of civil and criminal justice technology, services, and solutions. The company is committed to enhancing correctional institution security and community safety through its products and services.


Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor practicing in the United States. Dr. McKenna is also an MBA holder. Dr. McKenna is licensed by the Florida and Georgia state boards of Medical Examiners. Dr. McKenna is a dedicated community servant and passionate advocate. Dr. McKenna is a New Orleans-based medical doctor who attended the Tulane Medical School. When Dr. McKenna completed his education from the Tulane University, he went on to work with his father as an investment agent at the McKenna Venture Investment Company. This is one of the largest boutique real estate development bank based in New Orleans.

For the past few years, Dr. McKenna has instituted his business to acquire and launch new real estate and mortgage companies in the uptown scale for more than 50 employees with finance. Design-scale, and the real estate closing companies. In 2005, the city was destroyed by the Hurricane Katrina. During that incident, the city was actively built to assimilate the best in the industry. Dr. McKenna also used his companies to actively re-build the city to the accredited capability. Dr. McKenna also used the low-moderate income housing technique to win many clients in the region. Perhaps this is the reason why he was a successful entity in the business world.

In 2007, Dr. McKenna relocated to Atlanta where he launched a series of startup companies to the level of multi-million corporations before selling them back to the community. Dr. McKenna also founded the ShepMed Company that acts as the best wellness and aesthetic medical company in the region. While its adoption was on a slow scale, he quickly made it through a series of competitive capabilities. Dr. McKenna also served as the National Director of Medicine for the Atlanta-based Life Fitness Company. In 2017, Dr. McKenna became the Founder and CEO of the OVME Company. This is one of the largest consumer financing, medical aesthetic, and technology-enabled company that works towards reinventing the United States medical structure over the years. Dr. McKenna is also a husband to Gianine McKenna. His family has two daughters including the two-year-old Milana Ellie and the four-year-old Ryder McKenna.

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The Brown Modelling Agency is the resulting company from the merge of two businesses Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent South. The two firms were the leading agencies in their line of work in Austin, Texas. Wilhelmina Austin had been in operation since 2010, but after it acquired Heyman Talent South, the two companies decided to join their forces.

Mr. Justin Brown, the founder and leader of Wilhelmina Austin, assumed the leading position of the Brown Modeling Agency as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr, Justin Brown had had many years of experience in the modeling business even before he established Wilhelmina Austin. Mr. Justine Brown used to do modeling gigs in in college which helped him pay for his tuition and later started working at different modeling agencies at varies of positions in Los Angeles and New York City. After he settled in Austin, Texas, he quickly set up his business and started working towards growth.

Flash forward seventeen years later, the company of Mr. Justin Brown merged with Heyman Talent South becoming the only full service modeling agency in Austin as well as one of the few such organizations in the state of Texas. That creates very little competition for the company, and according to Market Wired, it has already become a leader in its line of work. The Brown Modeling Agency represents men, women, and children and helps them take advantage of opportunities to work with some of the most significant global brands in the industries of fashion, auto, and tech, to name a few. The Brown Modeling Agency has been working with names from the likes of Luis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell, American Express, Lóreal, and many more other local businesses.

The founder of Heyman Talent South is Mr. Michael B. Bonnée. He has been lending his expertise to the merged business as the leader of the theatrical division of the Brown Agency. Mr. Michael B. Bonnée was previously serving as the President of Heyman Talent South. Mr. Michael B. Bonnée is responsible for the growth of the modeling talent. The role is very suitable for him as he ha had many years of experience in the field.

The Brown Modeling Agency has its headquarters set up in the city of Austin just like its predecessors had, but it will also have an office in Dallas, and a few other cities later on as the years pass and the business continues to grow. Up to date, the business has been doing well at helping their talent get a foot through the door in the vast world of modeling. The Brown Modeling Agency has had their models on the runway of Fashion Weeks in a number of cities such as New York, Paris, and more.

Oncotarget is an online hebdomadal medical journal that covers and publishes all research conducted on oncology and cancer. The journal also features sub-sections on subjects such as aging, pathology and chromosomes, microbiology and immunology; this is due to the pressing tumor menace. The journal which is mainly peer-reviewed was started in 2010 and is still functional to date.Today the journal boasts of having published seven volumes and a staggering 324 issues since her genesis in 2010. The journal’s editors-in-chief, Mikhail Blagosklonnny and Andrei V. Gudkov make sure that every paper they publish adheres to the recommendations of the COPE, Committee on Publication Ethics. They also make sure that every paper they publish is given the DOI, Direct Object Identifier.

Materials published o this journal have to comply with the guidelines as stated in the COPE. Plagiarism, for example, is highly discouraged as per the guidelines.The journal’s main aim is to enrich and boost scientific research by making giving quick access to scientific research. The journal also seeks to make lesser the boarder atwix biomedical specialties. Oncotarget encourages the application of clinical and basic sciences to annihilate diseases. The journal also gives researchers the opportunity to make a positive contribution towards the advancement of science. Their main goal, they say, is to create a world that is disease free. Additionally, the journal provides information on the pathologic wellspring of all types of cancer.

The journal also highlights on the right protocol that should be adhered to when managing cancer patients; this is in an effort to improve the quality of care provided to the patients. Oncotarget also provides detailed information on how to conduct therapy on cancer patients. How to improve the quality of this therapies, which is the best form of therapy for that specific cancer are just but a few samples of the questions the journal seeks to answer. Palliative care for cancer patients is also highlighted on by the journal. Oncotarget insists on the effectiveness of the method and highlights on the myriad benefits cancer patients enjoy from it. For cancer therapy to be effective, palliative care must be included in the process.

NewsWatch is a network that airs shows on various television networks such as AMC Network and stations operated by Ion Television. Andrew Tropeano and Susan Bridges are the regular hosts of these shows. However, Michelle Ison is sometimes on board as co-host. NewsWatch operates majorly from Washington DC but has other offices in Denver and New York. Bridge Communications are the founders of this popular television network.

NewsWatch operates on a regular timeline so if you want to catch their shows, just tune in on your AMC network on Mondays at seven in the morning. Their shows are normally very interesting with captivating topics talked about. These hosts interview government officials to abreast of what happened in the United States of America. They also bring scientists and researchers who keep the country, and even the world updated on the discoveries and breakthroughs within the medical field. Not exempting the catchy musicians and music producers who visit the station very often.

Apart from all that, the television network also hosts other programs like marketing products for companies who want to reach their customers on a wider market area. SteelSeries and Saygus are just but examples of companies that have greatly benefited from the advertisements done for them by NewsWatch. Both the companies are telecommunication companies that manufacture digital smartphones and headphones. Saygus specializes in the production of these modern phones, and since it is an international company that does its productions on a wider scale, it requires even a bigger network for marketing.

The exact criteria are used by SteelSeries to create awareness to their local and international buyers. SteelSeries produces modern headphones and has used the assistance provided to them by NewsWatch as an opportunity to get more people to buy their products. This has earned both companies enormous profits.