No one has more influence in getting global “back seat” issues into the mainstream than George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. He has founded and developed a network of organizations, created partner relationships, and projects that assist minority causes in over 100 countries. The type of projects includes assistance to marginal groups of people that are members of the LGBTI community, sex workers, drug users, and Europe’s Roma people just to name a few. George Soros was born in Hungry in 1930 and a survivor of World War 11 including the Nazi invasion and occupation. He and his family were able to secure false papers of their identity and helped other Hungarian Jews in the same plight obtain the same. When the Communist gained control after the war, he moved to London in 1947, to study at the London School of Economics. He earned his way to pay for his education by being a railway porter and as a nightclub waiter until he relocated to the United States in 1957.

He made his fortune by entering the financial world of investments and by 1970 he opened Soros Fund Management, a hedge fund company, that made him one of the most successful investors in America’s history. While in London, George Soros studied the philosophy of Karl Popper. Soros was greatly influenced by the premise of the book Open Society and Its Enemies and the ideology that societies can only thrive when there is democratic governance of the people, freedom of expression as a basic right, and individual rights are considered in all cases of conflict. This philosophic ideology became the Open Society Foundations mission globally.In 1979, his first venture was an educational scholarship program to black South Africans under the apartheid regime.

In the 80’s he provided the Eastern Europian Block with photocopiers to reprint banned literature and texts as well as start a think tank based university.He has been a high profile supporter of same sex marriage and denounced the war on drugs.As opposed as George Soros is to the restriction of individuality that is a basic understanding of Communism governance, he has written about a new fear that addresses extreme individualism considered as Capitalism. He believes that competition may win out over cooperation once again drowning out the voice of the individual and their need to be heard. His foundations are his contribution to a level playing ground so that individual rights of representation are assured.George Soros exemplifies the win-win societal and political theories that promote a sustainable global community. He takes on issues that could lead to a peaceful world and is willing to put his money into causes that could lead to that world.

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Todd Lubar’s analysis of smart home technology

The pace of the world’s movement is an indication of positive development. There have been technological inventions which can help the society in a way it has never been seen before. In a report by Geeks News, the smart home technology is a type which helps people to operate their homes using a remote. The technology has been embraced in several places in Baltimore where people can control their homes using remotes. The benefits of the smart house technology have already been seen in different places. Lubar gives an example of Todd Stabelfeldt who is an accident victim. After injuring his spinal cord, he could no longer make movements, and for this reason, he has directly benefited from the smart technology. Todd can control his garage doors, his house doors, and windows without any struggles. Smart house technology is the future of the world. There are certain challenges that Todd Lubar poses on this technology, but their effects can be countered if more sophisticated systems are sought.

The background and career life of Todd Lubar

By 1987, Todd Lubar was already done with his university studies. These years were a bit lucrative since it was easier to land a job immediately after graduation. Todd studied speech communication from the University of Syracuse. He became one of the few graduates who excelled in their studies before getting out for their job hassle.

The employment history of Lubar

After graduating in 1987, Todd Lubar landed his first job. He was employed at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation as an advisor. This is one of the positions that gave Lubar a milestone based on his exemplary performance. Todd held this position for five years before he quit for a more lucrative position. Later the same year, Todd Lubar landed another job at the Legal Financial Group as an advisor. In his new place of employment, Todd had an opportunity to talk to different clients. Through this interaction, he gained the knowledge of what the clients need and how to meet their wants. It was through this experience that the entrepreneur started his TDL Global Ventures where it could meet the needs of the clients without an employment limitation.

The name George Soros has almost become synonymous with philanthropy in the area of justice and equality around the globe. Some quarters have estimated that Soros has donated over ten billion dollars to individuals and organizations involved in human rights, civil and migrant rights. His funding has been instrumental in advocating for change in governments and societies at large. In the developing world, Soros funding has allowed civil groups to push for policy change, and promotion of social justice and equality which is was previously elusive.Through financial support from Soros, organizations have been able to advocate for mainstreaming of gender and other discriminated groups like sex workers. To an extent, this has facilitated promotion of cohesive societies in different areas in the world where peace and justice were far from the reality.

One thing about George Soros is his interest and active participation in advocacy and strengthening of organizations. In fact, he has traveled to many areas to take part in various initiatives. His presence has also been a motivation for groups and individuals to continue their push for change. This has been crucial in the emergence and sustainability of grass root organizations. Some of the groups have grown into global entities bringing change to diverse geographical and socio-political areas.George Soros’ interest in universal human rights may have stemmed from his background. Born of Jewish descent in Hungary, he witnessed various challenges experienced during the occupation by Nazi Germany. His parents changed their surname to Soros to survive the harassment by the Nazi. He migrated to England where he attended the London School of Economics.

After working as a porter and waiter in London, he moved to the United States. His dream to work in finance came to pass as he worked his way through the ranks to become a vice president and investment fund manager.By 1970, he had become an accomplished investment manager in the United States. He established the Soros Fund Management and further made a fortune from the hedge fund. He gradually began to donate funds to various individuals and entities with the aim of enhancing their quality of life and activities towards an equitable society. The funding involved scholarships for students particularly for students from South Africa which at the time was experiencing Apartheid. By the 1980s, he had become increasingly involved in facilitating a healthy exchange of ideas between European countries as well as with the West. His funding programs are mainly channeled through Open Society organization. Although he may not have personally been involved in pushing for change in some areas, George Soros through his funding is an epitome of what contribution corporates and wealthy individuals can make in advocating for a just and equitable society.

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Many of the benefits that employees enjoy in the United States today are similar to what the great James Larkin fought to have put in place for workers in Ireland so many years ago. In fact, he is famously known for his saying “a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.”

Born in 1876 in English slums to Irish parents, Mr. Larkin did a number of manual jobs by the time he started to rise up and become a trade unionist, fighting on behalf of workers in Ireland to have fair working conditions.

Though he had not much education, he had great drive and dedication, was widely considered a socialist, and he was committed to improving working conditions for laborers.

He would eventually join the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL) and by 1905, he was a full-time organizer for this labor union. With a goal in mind to protect all Irish industrial workers, both skilled and unskilled, and have them belong to a union, eventually his agenda would dwarf the limitations he was experiencing at the NUDL.

In 1907,after the NUDL, upset with his propensity for striking, relocated him to Dublin. It is here where Mr. Larkin would move on to establish the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU).

This would be a far more inclusive union than the NUDL as all industrial workers could join, not just dock workers. James Larkin could fight on behalf of all workers through the ITGWU.

At the top of his agenda was a legal eight-hour workday and pensions for workers when they reach the age of 60.

This political program of the ITGWU stated that their aim was to fight for the “land of Ireland for the people of Ireland.” By 1912, in partnership with James Connolly, the Irish Labour Party was formed.

There were strikes as the Party fought to gain rights for laborers, and the biggest of these strikes was the 1913 “Dublin Lockout,” which started because unskilled workers were treated very poorly and had very few rights during these times.

This storied strike waged on for several months and eventually James Larkin and James Connolly guided these workers to a better set of circumstances and the right to fair employment.

It has long been said the Irish are good with “the word,” and that said, James Larkin was absolutely no exception. He was a powerful orator by all accounts, and anyone who was ever in his presence when he addressed his growing crowd of laborers, felt as if they were in the presence of someone very special.

Not everyone was a fan, but this is ultimately inconsequential, and all-but-guaranteed, when one is executing a mission to make the lives of the masses better. He was very passionate about the work of the Irish Labour Party.

He never used violence against firms or strike-breakers as the goal was not to ruin business, but rather just to make sure if his workers were going to be in the employ of that business, that they would not be toiling away in awful circumstances. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

William Butler Yeats, a fan or Mr. Larkin, wrote a poem about the Dublin Lockout, so the Irish Labour Party did enjoy its share of powerful supporters.

The most important thing, however, is he had the support of the people for whom he was fighting. Even today, workers do not like striking, but without striking and unions, workers would have never gotten any rights in the workplace.

Divide and conquer, so many years later, is the clear mantra of many corporations as they fight against the unions. James Larkin, all those years ago, joined a fight that is still in progress over 100 years later.

The concern is that workers today are blissfully, or unwittingly blissful as it were, unaware of what precipitated the rise of labor unions, yet the pendulum will likely swing, and this world will see a rise in organizing workers to gain protections in the workplace once again.

When running a business, there are a few approaches that need to be considered. Among the common approaches people take when it comes to running their business is working with short term goals. Another common approach with business is working towards long term goals. Both of these approaches are necessary in order to maintain and achieve success. However, it is important for people to make sure that they do not choose one at the expense of the other. For one thing, they each have their disadvantages. Therefore, it is important to put them together so that the success of the company will be maximized.

Among the people who keep their eyes on short term and long term success is Louis Chenevert, former CEO of United Technologies Corporation. UTC is involved in the development of high technology products. Among the products the company puts together are aircraft engines, elevators, escalators, and HVAC. For one thing, they are involved in technology that is going to make life easier for people. During his time as CEO, Chenevert prioritized the technology that UTC developed, ensuring that it not only helped people in the short term, but also provided long term benefits for people.

Chenevert also believes that it is important to look to the next generation when finding new people to work for. After all, it is the younger generation that have the greatest ability to adapt to the coming changes in the market. This is one of the reasons that UTC and Louis Chenevert is always looking to new talent. He is often looking for talents that have the same type of mindset when it comes to the work and plans of his business, regardless of which business that is.

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New Brunswick Shooting Highlights City’s Development Woes

New Brunswick Shooting Highlights City’s Development Woes


Shootings and assaults near New Brunswick’s city center and Rutgers University continue to highlight the city’s failed development strategy.


On the night of Sunday, June 18th, a 19-year-old was shot in both legs at 33 Commercial Avenue. Police described the shooter as a black male. He is said to be about six feet tall and thin. A black man and a Hispanic man were with the shooter at the time. Police explained that the Hispanic man had curly hair. No description of the second black man was given. Police ask citizens to be on the lookout for such suspects and, if they have any information about the shooting, to call Detective Brandt Gregus at (732) 745-5217.


Earlier in the year, and on the same day as the SAT, two youths were shot at the same apartment complex. Shortly before that, a large fight broke out in the same area as well.


New Brunswick, like many other cities, experienced the phenomenon of white flight in the early 60s and 70s. White families left New Brunswick as minorities such as blacks and Hispanics moved in. In the 90s, New Brunswick’s city council announced a sweeping new development project. A public-private partnership between Johnson & Johnson and Rutgers University would invest in the area by encouraging the building of hotels and a new Johnson & Johnson center in the downtown area. It was hoped that both establishments would provide jobs to the residents of the downtown area.


Preceding the development project, however, were a series of raids on apartment buildings. The raids jailed a number of illegal immigrants. Critics said the raids were designed to force out certain types of residents and bring in wealthier, white residents. Shortly after the raids, the city demolished Puerto Rican and black neighborhoods to build a hotel.


Despite the attempted development, New Brunswick’s violent crime rates remain above the national average. In 2014-15, 81% of New Brunswick High School’s students qualified for free lunch. Reflecting a still largely segregated American public school system, the high school is almost 100% black and Hispanic.


**UPDATE 6/23**

The Quincy Apartment complex lies near the Raritan River, New Street and Liberty Street in New Brunswick. Unfortunately for the residents living there, is has become something of a nightmare with several situations that have happened over the years. Most of what occurs at the complex is shooting crimes and theft, illegal guns found, and it has left many people injured. The security of the area is poor, and the police have their work cut out for them, answering domestic disputes and shooting called.

On May 7, 2013 a pizza man was called to deliver a pizza to the Northern building, part of Quincy Circle, which has over 200 units. After questioning residents, the pizza man was going back to his car as no one claimed the pizza order. While returning to his car, three men were waiting for him and they were carrying weapons. They robbed the pizza man of his money, the pizza, and shot him, afterwards driving off. Through cell phone information a suspect was found and he was charged with giving wrong information, robbery, unlawful possession of a weapon, and obstruction of justice. Later in the evening, someone who was wounded went to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and that person is believed to be another victim of the gunshots.

In October of 2015, there was a shooting reported where at least one person was injured at the New Brunswick Apartments, in New Jersey. This area is a hot spot for robberies that occur there from time to time. The crime was committed by a gangster where there was about four shootings leaving one person with a minor injury. The injured individual was driven to the hospital, and police believe that the driver was the suspect. The police had to return to the New Brunswick Apartments after more bullets were found and further investigation was called for. The police have been to that area often as the Police Chief stated that occurrences such as these are all too common.

It makes it difficult for residents of this area to live their lives as normally as possible when crime is an almost daily happening. Police have had to keep a close watch over the area as some residents are not trustworthy enough to do the right thing.

The Quincy is an apartment’s compound that is found in New Brunswick, NJ. It is located near the Raritan River, Liberty Street and the New Street bound it. Several incidences have happened in this complex over the years that make the place insecure and inconvenient to live in. Most of the incidences include theft and shooting crimes, which have left many people injured due to possession of illegal weapons, which is a bad outlook for the residents. The article gives an account of some of these incidences.


The shooting crime reported on Oct 7, 2015, where at least one person was injured at New Brunswick Apartments. This place has been named a crime hotspot due to the many robbery occurrences happening from time to time. The crime carried out by one gangster where around four shootings were heard leaving one person with a minor injury and was driven to the hospital. The same person who drove him to the hospital is said to be the suspect. The police were summoned back to the compound after more bullets were found and they had to carry out further investigations. The captain said that such incidences are common in that complex.


Another occurrence involved a pizza deliveryman on May 7, 2013. The man was shot when delivering pizza at the Northern building in Quincy Circle, which has more than 200 units. The residents told him that no pizza had been ordered and on going back to his car, he found the gunmen waiting for him. They robbed him off him money and pizza, shot him and drove off. Later, an ordinary street guy was linked to the case through cell phone information. He was charged with robbery, obstruction of justice, unlawful possession of the weapon and giving wrong information. Later a wounded person walked into the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, and he was believed to have been a victim of the gunshots.


There have been other incidences of shootings due to domestic quarrels, which make it a poor neighborhood to reside. Two people were also reported to be in critical conditions after shootings around New Brunswick City. The security level is not okay as many armed men are living in the area.


Police said that similar cases are very common in this field and some incidences, women call to order pizza just to put the delivery persons in a trap. Some of the residents in this neighborhood are not trustworthy, but the police are keeping a close watch on the Quincy.

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Most people enjoy the wild as a hobby, but few venture into the adventure world as a career. Mark Hutchinson is among the few people whose passion for the wild led him to establish a successful career.



Mark developed a passion for the wild at a young age. At the age of 19, Mark went on adventurous travel in Africa. His adventurous travels inspired him to launch a Company at 22 years. Mark has had an adventurous life growing up in different places. Learn more:



Mark launched his adventure Company soon after enrolling at the University of Sydney. Mark pursued a Bachelor of Economics degree. His first Company was the UNTAMED. The mission of UNTAMED was to offer travel opportunities to all the adventurous people.



In 2005, Mark achieved one of his dreams of becoming a guide in Africa. He completed his EcoTraining studies in South Africa in that year. During his studies in South Africa, Mark met his partner Anton Lategan owner of the EcoTraining.



Three years later, Mark moved back to Australia and later in 2010; he expanded the UNTAMED Company to the Avana Company. The Company offered the ecotourism and training. Avana became part of a public Company, but despite the foundation of the Company, Avana failed to take off. The failure of Avana was a disappointment; however, Mark did not let that deter him. He went back to his true passion; the wild. Mark launched the Wild Ark Company in 2016 to protect the biodiversity and connect people to nature. The Company has received great success in the last one year. They secured their first conservancy in South Africa in 2017. The Company will be working at the Kruger Region building havens for the protection of the species. Learn more:



Mark Hutchinson holds a Master of Business Administration. He is currently pursuing a Master degree in Conservation. Mark seeks to gain knowledge in conversation.



Mark loves the wild and looks for ways to connect to with nature every day. He has also chosen to raise his family in connection with the wild while keeping a conservative connection with the urban areas. Learn more:



Independent entrepreneur, Mike Baur, 42, always tried his hand at independent entrepreneurship while growing up in Freiburg, Switzerland. After Mr. Baur finished his apprenticeship at UBS, he rapidly exceeded each level of the Big Banking system in his 20- year career in the banking industry.


UBS integrated with Clariden Leu and Mike Baur led the way in managing, both the transition period and the years after. Once USB started a downward spiral into a financial crisis, Mike Baur recruited former employees from a former employer, to help begin the process of bringing back major accounts to Clariden Leu. Unfortunately, that as well was short lived due to Clariden Leu integrating with Credit Suisse. Another financial institute, with stricter policies, which suppressed Mike Baur’s creative, independent management. This forced Mike Baur to resign and start investing in start-up companies.


Mike Baur refers to the management of the banking industries, as having the “big cat syndrome. “They are not proactive, reluctant to change, and have thus been powerless in the face of a financial crisis. Today, they are undergoing the digital transformation that is affecting all sectors of the industry but many of them continue to deny,” says Mr. Baur.


In 2014 Mike Baur co-founded Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Startup Factory is designed to help and support future start-up companies. Mike Baur pushed the Swiss Startup Factory through its accelerator program with the Goldback Group and as well as its partnership with Fintech in 2016.


Most well-known start-up accelerator platforms are back by the local authorities until Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory came into play. Mike Baur, Max Meister, and Oliver Walze created the Swiss Startup Factory on a whole new and improved level by developing this start-up platform, that not only is funded privately but managed privately as well. This in-turn put the Swiss Startup Factory on the map in the start-up platforms industry while throwing Mike Baur into the top of his class in independent entrepreneurs.


The Wall Street Journal profiled Mike Baur’s career from Swiss Banking to entrepreneurship and start-up investments. A huge accomplishment for an average run of the mill banker. Mike Baur refers to himself as being “the perfect example.” He also stated, “If Clariden Leu had not been integrated with Credit Suisse, I might still be a bank manager today.” He always encourages future entrepreneurs to “Jump off the plane and collect all the parts that will prevent you from crashing on the ground.”


MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization providing dental services by partnering with practice owners and affiliated dentists. The company provides affiliated facilities enabling the accomplices to do their services efficiently without compromising on patient standards and care at their practices. MB2 Dental affiliated dental facilities sustain 100% clinical autonomy, and while being assisted by the team, they efficiently operate every facet.The organization which is situated in Dallas, Texas has an overall team that aims to give personalized systems and appropriate expertise to handle nonclinical operations. The concentration on non-clinical fields is meant to assist dentists to focus on offering quality dental care to various patients and also promote good decision making. MB2 Dental is a management entity possessed by dentists hence it comprehends the needs and challenges of dentists. The non-clinical dental management services offered by the organization include:

  • Compliance
  • Account and finance
  • Business management
  • Human resources
  • Credentialing
  • Training
  • Procurement

Apart from the main services, the company has likewise made things easier for dental practitioners to take part in MB2 Dental network, thanks to subscription service and availability of modern delivery systems. Throughout the years, the capability of the company entails cultivating the doctor loyalty and providing unmatched professionalism which has seen the firm develop to have 70 affiliated locations within six states. However, that could not be achieved without Dr Reddy who is among the spearheading dental practitioners associated with the team. Dr Reddy also works as Director at JustHealth510 which is an NGO situated in Oakland, California.

MB2 Dental Solutions And Dr. Akhil Reddy Doing Wonders In Dentistry

Dr Reddy is likewise a partner dentist with the West Lovers Dental located in Dallas, Texas and also a member of committee at the California Dental Association (CDA). In 2016, he both joined CDA and West Lovers Dental service. Together with his team, Dr Reddy provides different specialized treatments at West Lovers Dental which include Orthodontic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, porcelain vaneers palcement, dental implants among other advanced treatments. The exercise utilize state-of-art dental treatment methods in ensuring patients remain comfortable during treatment. Dr Reddy pursued his education from the University of Pacific, California.Dr Reddy first studied Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology in the year 2005 and in 2008 he pursued D.D.S. in Dentistry from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. During his career journey, he has accomplished a number of achievements such as the Michael J. Minch Award due to excellence work in research and undergraduate study.